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PPG is an American Fortune 500 company and the largest paint company in the world. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, PPG has 156 manufacturing facilities located in 70 countries around the world and more thane 47,000 employees across the world. By revenue PPG has been the largest coatings company in the world for many years. It was founded in year 1883 by Capt. John Ford and John Pitcaim. Their business involves in many industries, such as: aerospace, automotive, industrial, packaging, protective and marine coating.

In year 2006, PPG acquired the performance coatings business of Ameron International Corporation and launched a new business unit: Protective & Marine Coatings. Again in year 2008 PPG acquired the SigmaKalon Group of companies. These acquisition expanded PPG in protective and marine coating business in most parts of the globe. Again, in year 2014 PPG acquired Hi-Temp Coatings Technology. It is a privately-owned manufacturer of high temperature resistant and insulation coatings. Their famous product, Hi-Temp 10127 corrosion under insulation (CUI) coating is the best in the industries of refineries, petrochemical and power plants.

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PPG Sigmacover 280

This is best selling primer from PPG. It is a universal epoxy primer for both atmospheric and immersion application. It has excellent adhesion to many types of surface: concrete, ferrous, non-ferrous substrates and galvanized steel. It is also suitable on wet blast substrate.

PPG Sigmacover 620

This is a 2 component universal epoxy primer that can be applied in both atmospheric and immersion environment. It has excellent corrosion resistance and good adhesion to ferrous, non-ferrous and galvanized steel substrates. This coating can be a primer and finish coat, thanks to its tint able properties. This means that Sigmacover 620 is a primer that can be available in any colour of your choice.

PPG Sigmacover 456

An epoxy finish that is excellent and with durable performance. It is re-coatable after extended re-coat time. It can be applied on aged alkyd, chlorinated rubber and epoxy coatings.

PPG Sigmadur 550

High gloss retention polyurethane finish that provide durable protection and meet the requirement of ISO 12944. It can be re-coated unlimited of time and it has no chalking and non-yellowing effect in outdoor environment.