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Marine Polyurethane Paint

Polyurethane coatings used for marine coatings are made from resins that contain the isocyanate group and are highly reactive with compounds that contain hydroxyl groups. Polyurethane coatings, like epoxy coatings, must be mixed thoroughly with the curing agent and catalyst before use.  Polyurethane coatings form tough, chemically resistant coatings and make good, high-gloss cosmetic finishes. They have good abrasion and impact resistance and are particularly useful in high wear areas. They have good weather resistance but lose gloss when exposed to intense sunlight. Polyurethane coatings are most commonly encountered as part of a coating system where the polyurethane is used as the topcoat.

Popular products in our paint shop at Johor Bahru:

Hardtop AX

It is a high gloss, robust and reliable finish
Very good gloss retention
Good chemical resistance
Contains no solvents on the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) list.
Strong mechanical properties
Low dirt pickup, good colour & gloss retention

Sigmadur 550

This product has many benefitas a final coat, such as: Unlimited recoatable and can be recoat even after long atmospheric exposure. No-chalking and non-yellowing Excellent colour retention and gloss retention. Resist

Hempathane HS 55610

This is a very interesting product. It is an acrylic polyurethane topcoat. It is high build gloss finish, good gloss and colour retention. This finish coat product contains zinc phosphate! It can be applied as one coat "direct to metal" coating system in the environments classified as C2 or C3.

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Polyurethane Paint for Floor

Polyurethane systems offer strength, durability and resilience when faced with a variety of testing conditions, such as heavy footfall, physical impacts, extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Polyurethane flooring tend to be thicker and heavier than epoxy flooring, which is great for absorbing impacts and thermal shock. It can be customized with anti-slip aggregates, anti-bacterial additives and is highly adapt at dealing with rising moisture. Contact our coating consultation at Johor Bahru today for more product information.