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We provide a series of reliable marine coating products and technical services to help you save fuel consumption, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce dry dock repair costs for your boats and vessels.

As a renowned supplier of marine paint, industrial protective paint and decorative paint in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we provide high-quality and reliable products and painting advices. Whether it is used for new shipbuilding, docking repair or offshore maintenance, from underwater hull to oil tank and ballast tank, our coating products can keep the ship in good condition for a longer time.

Different paints are required for different substrates and situations. It is important to choose the right paint for the job. Our NACE certified coating expert is ready to provide you the best possible solutions, while greatly reducing the cost of coating and shortening the repair time. We strive to provide high-quality painting and coating solutions to meet customer needs. We are your trusted long-term partner. We committed to providing reliable marine coating products to help you achieve long-term goals.

Anti-corrosion Coating

Marine corrosion resistant coating is an indispensable paint in paint. Anti-corrosion coatings play a role of rust prevention to metal ships under a variety of exposure environmental and industrial chemicals and extend the service life of ships.

Antifouling Coating

Antifouling paint system stops the growth of algae, microorganisms, plants, or animals on the underwater hull of boats or vessels. The built u of sea life is not just an aesthetic problems, but it slows down the vessel's speed, increases fuel consumption, decreases durability, shortens maintenance interval. There are two major types of antifouling coatings: Hard Film Antifouling and Eroding Antifouling. Click to learn more.

Coating For Decks and Anti-slip Coating

Coatings for decks must be very high abrasion resistance and they require regular maintenance. The reason we need to maintain it is not only for cosmetic reason and corrosion protection but also for the safety of crews and passengers. A deck of a ship consist of large and high visible area that represent the reputation of the owner. So, a good looking deck implies that the ship is well maintained and vice versa.

Cargo tanks Coating

A cargo tank coating or lining protects cargo tank in a ship against harmful and corrosive cargos. To reduce maintenance and ensure a long service life, a good tank coating system should be followed. There are many types of proven technology that can be used as tank coating such as pure epoxy, vinyl ester, zinc silicate based and phenolic epoxy cargo tank coatings.

Complete Range of Marine Coatings for Fiberglass Boats, Wooden Boats, Yacht Johor Bahru

marine Coating For Fiberglass Boats

Regardless the type of your assets and vessels, be it a fiberglass boat, wooden boat, yacht, we have the right marine coating at Johor Bahru best suit your needs.