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Wide Selection of Coating Products by Kansai at Johor Bahru

The Kansai Paint Dealer at Johor Bahru

Kansai Paint is fully committed to developing product formulations that minimize pollution to the environment and comply with international environmental laws and regulations. Customors are assured that Kansai products are of the highest quality. 

As Kansai’s top distributor in Johor bahru, we strive to provide customer with global quality services. See below a list of our popular Kansai coating products. Contact our coating consultant today for optimal surfaces protection solution for your previous assets and facilities. 

Kansai Cold Galvanizing (PLC 441 CG)

Kansai PLC 441 CG is a ready mixed synthetic polymer based zinc rich coating. It provides a method of applying galvanic protection by standard paint application methods. It is a cold galvanizing compound, for it prevents corrosion of steel substrate in the same manner as hot dip galvanizing. Fast dry, anti corrosion, easy application, single coat protection for steel.