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Hempel Paint was founded by JC Hempel in year 1915. At only 21 years old, he was Denmark’s youngest licensed wholesaler at the time. At his 22 years old, he set up his own paint mixing factory. Mr. Hempel delivered the very first order himself by cycling through the town with drums of ready-mixed marine paints on his bicycle. No one realized at that time the company he founded would become one of the world’s best know marine paint companies. Hempel lauched the first fuel saving antifouling coating for ships’ hulls in 1917. Today, Hempel is one of the leaders in fouling control technology.

Hempel’s expertise covers many industries. They are:

  • coal and gas power generation
  • renewable energy including hydro power and wind power
  • upstream and downstream of oil & gas
  • Civil Structures and bridges
  • Port machinery and heavy duty equipment

Here are the numbers for Hempel in South and East Asia:

  • 4 factories in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India
  • 3 R&D centres
  • 20+ stock points
  • 100+ coatings advisors
  • 500+ employees

Please see below a sample list of featured Hempel coating products available at Johor Bahru. Contact us for more Hempel prodcuts information. 

Hempadur Avantguard

This is a activated zinc primer from Hempel. It helps to reduce application time, ensure longer asset service life cycles and meet the minimal maintenance requirement.

Versiline CUI 56990

It is a special coating to solve corrosion under insulation (CUI) problems that faced by many refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants without shutting down the operation or process. It resist temperature cycling from -196 degree C to 650 degree C. It has been extensively tested through independent and Hempel's lab to proof its performance.

Hempaline Defend 630

A solven free high performance phenolic epoxy tank lining for storage of wide range of petrochemicals products including crude oil, alcohols, aromatic or aliphatic solvents, fuel oils and selected acid and caustic chemicals.