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Protect Your ships and Vessels from Harmful organisms with our High Quality Antifouling Paint

Marine Coatings for Below the Waterline

Underwater Paint for Antifouling

Underwater paint is commonly known as antifouling coating, which prevents ships from being damaged by harmful organisms and reduce fuel costs and emissions. The antifouling coatings form a smooth and non-stick surface on the bottom hull, making fouling organisms difficult to attach, thus reducing water resistance and fuel consumption, making vessel effective and create considerable investment income.

Appropriate hull coatings help to maximize fuel savings. To find such a coating, you must strike a balance between different factors. Appropriate hull coatings can shorten the payback time, and energy-saving navigation for several years is not a problem, and if inappropriate coatings are used, it may cause problems throughout the entire use period.

When seeking high-value anti-fouling solutions, it must be considered that each ship has its own unique factors. Regardless of the business model or water area where the ship is located, you can find anti-fouling solutions from our paint shop at Johor Bahru that meet your needs.

Active defense Type Antifouling

Active defense type antifouling paint combines hydrogel-silicone and controlled biocide diffusion to provide excellent performance and a high degree of flexibility, with a docking interval of up to 90 months. Regardless of the ship's business model, sailing speed, and idle time, the average fuel savings of high-quality active defense antifouling paint can reach 6% over the entire docking interval.


The SeaForce range from Jotun is another choice of antifouling if you are looking for a fuel saving antifouling solution at a cost effective level. With 60 million litres applied at more than 20,000 vessels SeaForce has gained global recognition as a proven quality and track record. With different requirement of vessels, the SeaForce range come with three products with reliable antifouling performance, they are SeaForce Active, SeaForce Active Plus, SeaForce Shield.

PPG Sigma Ecofleet

This antifouling range is an economical and versatile solution that delivers extended fouling control on the underwater hulls of medium to high activity vessels for up to 60 months. They are good for improving profitability and reducing maintenance costs. They are also provides reliable fouling control for long periods – up to 36 months for vertical sides, flat bottoms and boottops and up to 60 months for flat bottoms and boot tops.

Marine Coatings For Below The Waterline​

Undercoat Anti-Corrosive Primer

The antifouling paint system keeps the hull below the waterline smooth and clean, thereby reducing water resistance and fuel consumption. However, anti-corrosion systems is also required to protect the hull and paint system from wear, corrosion and collision. We have a complete variety of anti-corrosion coatings from global leading brand, such as Jotun, PPG, Hempel. You can choose the ideal system suitable for your ship design and operating conditions. Whether you need a universal primer to improve coating efficiency or a special coating suitable for harsh environments such as frozen port trading, we can meet your needs. In order to obtain better performance, the anti corrosive coating system should be selected for the hull during shipbuilding, because this can ensure long-term protection and will greatly reduce the maintenance cost during the use of the ship.


Supreme mechanical strength to withstand abrasion, impact and gouging in tough environments. Easy to clean. Long-lasting service and reduce the need for maintenance during operation

We provides anti corrosion protection systems for other parts of ships and boats as well. Click here to learn more about anti corrosive system for decks and tanks.