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Non-Slip Floor Coating for Concrete at Johor Bahru

Anti-slip coating for concrete can dramatically increase friction and improve safety on dry and wet concrete surfaces. Non-slip coating is easy to apply and effective in preventing slip-caused injuries. With our decades of experience in coating industry, we provide you with professional advice on the appropriate anti slip solution for your projects. Whether you are looking for slip resistant coating for commercial or residential uses, we have the right coating for your needs. 

Please contact us or request a call back to discuss your coating requirements with one of our experienced experts. Our popular products includes:

Jotun Anti-slip -- Jota Armour

This is a 3-component abrasion resistant polyamine cured epoxy coating. It is a very durable anti-skid coating. This product is suitable on steel surface or concrete with approved primers / sealer. After application, this coating system can be used on helidecks, ramps, walkways, traffic decks, bridge decks, in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required.

Jota Armour is approved to UK Defence Standard 80-134/1 for the Royal Navy, flight decks, hangar decks and weather decks and pre-qualification testing in accordance with NORSOK M-501, Rev. 5, System 4, suitable for decks and walkways. The final colour coat is available in Jotun standard grey 038 and green 137.

PPG Anti-slip -- Sigmacover Series

This anti-slip safety flooring system consist of Sigmacover 280 and Sigmacover 456. Both coating are two-component coating suitable for floor and deck, formulated with a fine texture finish that is durable,easy to clean and chemically resistant. It is suitable for recreational, marine, and industrial environments. Its low profile is easy to apply and adheres to concrete and metal.

Kansai Anti-Slip -- SURESEAL 652 PU

KANSAI SURESEAL 652 PU is a 2-component solvent-free polyurethane elastomer. This tough and elastic polyurethane material can be used as waterproofing, sealant, crack bridging coating for walls as well as flooring materials. It provides a water-tight, crack-bridging seamless coating for waterproofing applications and a safe and comfortable surface for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. It has Non-skid properties and excellent grip as a floor coating.

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Anti-slip Coating for Garage

Resinous floor coatings such as epoxy coating, polyurethane coating and polyurea coating are often used for garage floor to create slip resistant surfaces. Due to the non-porous properties, the surfaces created can by very smooth. 

In our paint shop located at Johor Bahru, we carries a wide range of anti-slip coating products suitable for garage, as well as industrial flooring. Contact our coating consultant today for the coatings most suitable for your needs and projects. 

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Anti-Slip Non-Skid Deck Coating

Non-skid deck paint creates a high-traction surface to prevent slip-caused injuries on a boat deck. Besides, a boat deck requires a quality paint to protect it from the damaging by foot traffic, anchors, and other gears. Most of the global leading coating brands offers a two component non-skid coating for durable, long-lasting and abrasion-resistant finishes for boat deck. We have the solutions at Johor Bahru for your slippery boat deck. Contact our coating consultant today for assistance.